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❖ Be polite to all, sociable to many, with selected friends, other units. Do not shake the green apple - when the apple is ripe, it falls itself. ❖
❖ Always remove the snake out of the hole by proxy. You can achieve a kind word and a gun more than just a kind word. Do not play with words. ❖
❖ Earl Alex Al Carter Fon Ditrix XIII ❖

❖Fate and life are two Team that fun to play.You just pick which game to play ❖

❖ At times endure of fools you can find something worthwhile.But do argue with them ❖

❖Mi demonio - Romantic alato Arcangelo❖

❖ Listen to tips that give you an advantage. Do not share of tips.Nothing easier promises❖

❖ Family is the most important thing in the world. If you no family consider that you have nothing ❖

❖Girls love to give roses and compliments❖
❖ Angel Mihael❖